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General purpose and glass cleaner with a mix of Isopropanol and water. Removes hand oils, ink marks, dust, fingerprints, nicotine, syrup, carbon, and other soils from work areas. Safe on...
Product SKU:1625-18S
Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, tile, plastic, ceramic, benchtops, and enamel, leaving a streak-free finish. Effectively removes finger prints, light oils, and other soils. Made from 100% naturally-...
Product SKU:1505-QT
This is a powerful foaming glass cleaner is for general industrial cleaning. It’s engineered for use on workbenches, mats, tools, equipment and equipment. In addition it is the best...
Product SKU:MCC-PMG19A
The non-streaking, static-dissipative cleaner for transparent surfaces dissipates static buildup while effectively removing handling oils, finger soils, nicotine stains, dirt, grease, ink, and other contaminants from plastics and...
Product SKU:ES1668
Based on newly patented technology making it the direct replacement for cleaners and degreasers containing HCFC-141b. This innovative blend was designed for precision cleaning of polar and non-polar...
Product SKU:1630-16S