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A unique combination of hydrocarbon solvents that clean electrical contacts and connections. Ideal for switches, relays, contact pads, and other places of electrical connections. Safe on plastics so the solvent...
Product SKU:1622-10S
A blend of three ultra-pure water-free alcohols, it is the strongest of the alcohol-based choices. It is safer than rubbing alcohol and an excellent choice on R...
Ideal solution to remove oils and hydraulic fluids from mechanical assemblies and tools. Cleans handling soils from circuitry before reassembly. Removes grease from assembly lines. Cleans Hard-line coax cable...
Product SKU:ES1621
Ideal for pre-solder and post-solder flushing of PC boards and for general purpose cleaning of solvent-sensitive equipment and precision instruments. This hydrocarbon/alcohol blend has extra cleaning...
Product SKU:ES1210
The MCC-CCH10A is a Universal Contact Cleaner. This is a non-flammable cleaner that restores electrical and mechanical continuity to all types of contacts. The MCC-CCH10A easily cleans...
Product SKU:MCC-CCH10A
Tun-O-Wash Cleaner is a fast drying, one step precision cleaning and degreasing agent safe for most plastics. Engineered with very low surface tension, this high pressure aerosol formulation...
Product SKU:ES2400
Patented technology designed specifically for the replacement of all contact cleaners containing HCFC-14lb. This precision blend is the optimal choice for removing oils, greases, silicones, dirt, and grime from...
Product SKU:1632-16S
Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ fiber optic cleaning wipes are high quality optical grade wipes engineered for cleaning fiber prior to splicing, or for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs. These wipes...
Product SKU:MCC-WCS100
Enhanced Cleaning Performance delivering better cleaning because each TriggerGrip combines the mechanical scrubbing action of a brush with a fresh, pure solvent. Saves money by reducing solvent consumption an average...
Powerful, non-flammable bulk cleaner that is ideal for manual cleaning of R, RA, and no-clean fluxes. Removes many kinds of flux residues including R, RA, RMA, and SA...
Product SKU:1638-G