PLIERS Needle-Nose Long


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RX Series ESD Ergo Grips Long Nose Plier, Serrated Jaws, 6.3″

The RX-Series pliers feature carbon/chrome ball bearing steel which provide incredible impact resistance and resiliency with smoother, cleaner penetration at the cutting edge. CNC machining of forged blanks guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact which increases tool reliability and consistency. 63-65 HRC on cutting edges. Low profile adjustable screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges. Due to the long life of these tools, replaceable springs help reduce down time and stocking of extra tools.

Rx Series features the Ergonomic Contoured BIOSPRING Handle:
The profile of the Rx grip is slightly rounded and wide, creating excellent surface distribution over a wider area than standard tool handles. The Rx tools feature the unique BIOSPRING. With stability and strength it gives you the ability to adjust the tool to your individual physical requirements. A vertical series of ports allows a variance in the width of the opening of the tool and the spring tension, accommodating every conceivable hand size and strength.