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  • Dissipative Polyester Material with Nomex® Lining
  • Protects the operator�s hands when handling products up to a temperatures of 200�F.

  • Resistance to Ground < 1 x 107 ohms Rtt Tested Per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
  • Electrically bonds through grounded operator and produces no charge generation preventing ESD events.

  • Color Coded Cuffs for Size Identification
  • Three different sizes for comfortable use by all hand sizes.

  • Non-Scratch Touchscreen Compatible
  • Allows wearer to operate touchscreen monitors and other devices.

  • 4mm Grounding Snap
  • Use with a coil cord to form a path to ground for the operator. Compatible with wrist strap touch testers and continuous monitors.

  • Made In The United States of America
  • This item is made in Rochester, NH and stocked in Canton, MA