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TWEEZERS, Stainless Steel, Anti-magnetic, Fine Point anti-acid alloy tweezer. 4-1/2″ overall length. #00 heavy tweezer with fine point
TWEEZERS LG Flat Round 4.75in stainless steel anti-magnetic
4.25in Straight Ultrafine Stainless Steel Tapered Anti-Magnetic Tweezers. Excellent for use in die attaching and wire bonding.
Product SKU:EX5-SA-SE
4.25 inch Straight Very Fine Stainless Steel Anti Magnetic Tweezers. The shorter body helps when working under magnification.
Product SKU:EX3C-SA-SE
4.75″ Straight Fine Stainless Steel Tapered Anti-Magnetic Tweezers. Type 2 Tapered tips, medium points. For handling, bending small components and wires.
Product SKU:EX2-SA-SE
Fine Straight Tip Tweezers 110mm-4 1/4″. Anti-magnetic Carbon.
Product SKU:EX00-SE
Straight Fine 4.5 inch Long Stainless/Anti-magnetic Tweezers. Slender tips with fine points. Designed for delicate applications when handling very fine wires and components.
Product SKU:EX1-SA-SE
Curved Taper Very Fine Point Anti-magnetic Tweezers. Type 7 curved tips, high precision points. Curved tips allow maximum visibility under magnification.
Product SKU:EX7-SA-SE
Stainless anti-magnetic Straight Very Fine Point Tweezers. Very fine tips with precision points. Very popular design used in micro-electronic assembly.
Product SKU:EX3-SA-SE
Straight Tip Stainless steel Anti-magnetic 4-1/4″ tweezers. Straight strong tips with medium fine points and smooth inside tips. Outside finger serrations for easy handling.
Boley Style Straight 127mm-5″ Carbon Steel tweezers. Straight tips with medium points. General-purpose use and economical price makes these tweezers a very popular choice.
TWEEZERS Fine Curved 4.5in stainless anti-magnetic
4.5 inch Straight Strong Tweezers. Anti Magnetic.
Product SKU:EX00-SA-SE
4.75″ Duck Bill Stainless Steel Tapered Anti-Magnetic Tweezers.
Product SKU:EX2A-SA-SE
Stainless steel anti-magnetic Medium Serrated Point Tweezers. A low cost, general purpose assembly tweezer, with fine inside tip serrations. Fine Straight Tip Anti-magnetic Tweezer.
Product SKU:EX231-SA-SE
Stainless Steel anti-magnetic curved taper very fine point tweezers. Curved tips allow maximum visibility under magnification.
Product SKU:EX7B-SA-SE
TWEEZERS Cross Lock 6in Plated Steel. Ideal for handling small articles, intricate work, and retrieval of small components.
Product SKU:XCXHT612
Product SKU:SI00-SAH
Product SKU:SI7-SAH
TWEEZER Fine Taper Point 4.5in #4 Stainless Steel Xcelite XSST4V Features: High quality Smooth jaws Manufactured from anti-magnetic, anti-acid stainless steel Tool length: 4-1/2″
Straight Tip Antimagnetic Carbon Steel Tweezers. Very fine tips with precision points. The shorter body helps when working under magnification.
Product SKU:EX3C-PI
Stainless/anti-magnetic Straight Strong Point Tweezers. The small size with smooth inside tips can handle delicate parts without damage. Made from NEVERUST® and are fine precision tweezers that have...
Product SKU:EX0C-SA-PI
4-1/2 inch Curved Point Stainless Steel Antimagnetic Tweezers. Additional serration on inside tips makes these tweezers ideal for gripping small components or wires.
Product SKU:EX7B-SA-PI
4.75″ Fine Tip Stainless Steel Anti-magnetic Esd Safe Tweezers. The Excelta 3C-SA-PI-ET are ESD-safe stainless steel anti-magnetic tweezers with Ergo-Tweez® cushion...
Product SKU:EX3-SA-PI-ET
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