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SEALANT RTV Sili BLK 3oz TiteSeal BLACK SILICONE RTV GASKET is a room temperature vulcanizing sealant for bonding, waterproofing and insulating most materials. Cures in 1 hour. Fully cures in...
Product SKU:RCT803V
SEALANT RTV Sili BLU 3oz TiteSealBLUE SILICONE RTV GASKET is a room temperature vulcanizing sealant for bonding, waterproofing and insulating most materials. Cures in 1 hour. Fully cures in 24...
Product SKU:RCT503V
SEALANT RTV Sili BLK Oxime 3oz TiteSeal
Product SKU:RCT1003V
LOCTITE 409 Super Bonder Instant Gel 3gr 409 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive, General Purpose Gel. A high viscosity, general purpose instant adhesive. Gel formulation will not run off vertical surfaces...
Product SKU:40904
LOCTITE 411 Adhesive 3gm Cyano For Clear Gap Loctite 41104 is is a prism instant adhesive. This clear adhesive is formulated for excellent impact and peel strength in gap-filling...
Product SKU:41104
LOCTITE 454 Adhesive 3gm Tube Porous Surfaces The Loctite 45404 is a surface insensitive instant adhesive gel designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress...
Product SKU:45404
LOCTITE Hysol Epoxy Adhesive General PurposeThe Loctite 1373425 is a high temperature and chemical resistant, high viscosity white paste adhesive. This epoxy adhesive and sealant bonds, seals and repairs a...
Product SKU:1373425
LOCTITE 0151 Epoxy Kit 3.3 Oz The Loctite 83176 is a 3.3 oz kit of a two component thixotropic epoxy paste. Loctite 83176 Features: Used for general bonding...
Product SKU:83176
LOCTITE Superlube W/teflon 3oz Tube. All purpose super lubricant that protects from wear, rust, and corrosion. Won’t melt, wash out, separate or attract dust.
Product SKU:82325
LOCTITE 7452 Accel 1.75oz 3 Cyano Acetone The Loctite 18490 7452™ Tak Pak® Accelerator is used where increased cure speed of cyanoacrylate adhesives is required. Loctite 18490 Features: Provides...
Product SKU:18490
Mix Nozzle 50 ml 21 element Luer Tip – 10 pack Luer Tip (accepts Dispense Needles) 6.0 inch Overall Length 6.3 mm dia. 21 elements 1:1, 2:...
Product SKU:98454
The Loctite 60921 is a 10ml general purpose retaining compound. Loctite 60921 Features: Press fit, low viscosity general purpose compound Bonds rigid metal assemblies Ideal for gap distances up to...
Product SKU:60921
ADHESIVE Epoxy E-60HP 50ml Loctite Loctite Hysol 11C is a two component general purpose epoxy adhesive and sealant that bonds, seals, and repairs a wide variety of materials including...
Product SKU:29319
LOCTITE 712 Adhesive 1.75oz Accelerator. Increases cure speed of Loctite instant adhesive. Excellent for cosmetic applications, for clear and transparent adhesive beads or fillets. Suitable for securing wires or...
Product SKU:20352
LOCTITE Epoxy Patch Hysol 11c Blk Ideal for numerous bonding and repair applications. Cured material is insoluble in most common fluids. Separate packaging allows versatility in mixing or applying for...
Product SKU:1373435
Adhesive Permatex Rtv 77b Ultrablue The Loctite 58730 is an RTV high performance blue silicone gasket maker. Loctite 58730 Features: Can be applied directly on the flange Excellent adhesion to...
Product SKU:58730
The Loctite 29021 is a medium-high strength threadlocker designed for pre-assembled bolts up to 1/2″. Loctite 29021 Features: Seals welds and porous metal parts Fills porosity...
Product SKU:29021
ADHESIVE M-121HP Hysol 50ml Loctite® M-121HP™ Hysol® Medical Device Epoxy Adhesive is a high viscosity, non-sag, 2-Part epoxy for applications that require high impact resistance and...
Product SKU:LK30680
LOCTITE 7387 Depend Activator LOCTITE® 7387™ Depend® Activator is designed to initiate the cure of LOCTITE toughened acrylic adhesives such as LOCTITE 315™, 383™ & 384™.
Product SKU:18861
Loctite® M-31CL™ Hysol® Medical Device Epoxy Structural Adhesive is an ultra clear, low viscosity, 2-part adhesive that bonds glass, ceramic, metal, and many rigid plastics. Ideal for applications...
Product SKU:30673
The Loctite 19269 Primer N™ 7649™ is a surface preparation for use with Loctite brand threadlockers. Loctite 19269 Features: Decreases threadlocker set-up time Increases breakaway torque on most fastener...
Product SKU:19269
LOCTITE 7452 Adhesive 0.7oz Accelerator Metered Mist This accelerator, with aggressive cleaning properties, promotes the cure speed of all Loctite Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Typical Applications: Securing wires or coils to...
Product SKU:18637
LOCTITE 7701 Primer 1.75oz The Loctite 19886 Prism® 7701™ is a surface preparation for use with Loctite brand instant adhesives on hard-to-bond plastics and elastomers. Loctite 19886...
Product SKU:19886
Loctite® 263™ is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents...
Product SKU:1330583
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