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ProEdge has a wide selection of utility knives and blades available to the artist, craftsman, and hobbyist. ProEdge precision tools are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding projects at home or in the office. Every ProEdge knife serves a different purpose, allowing more options to work with.

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Knife Blade # 17 Pro Pack of 5 Proedge 40017 Features: For chiseling and shaving light wood and wax Blade type: Small chiseling blade Fits handles: #1, #3, #4 and EX#...
Product SKU:PG40017
Knife Blade # 18 Pro Pack of 5 Proedge 40019 Features: For cutting, shaping and trimming paper, plastic and wood Blade type: Sharp edge angled chiseling blade Fits handles: #2, #5...
Product SKU:PG40019
Knife Blade Utility # 8 Pro, pack of 5.
Product SKU:PG40080
Knife Blade Utility # 92 Pro, retractable, pack of 5 Proedge 40092 Features: For heavy duty cutting of all materials Blade type: Retractable heavy duty 2 notch utility blade Fits handles...
Product SKU:PG40092
Knife Gouge Blade #153
Product SKU:PG41330
Knife Pro # 1 Precision Duty, Tubed W/ Safety Cap Proedge 11001 Features: For fine angle cuts, carving, etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming Blade type: Sharp angle Fits handles #...
Product SKU:PG11001
Knife Blade # 22 Pro Pack of 5 Proedge 40022 Features: For curved cutting of plastic or wood Blade type: Large curved cutting blade Fits handles: #2, #5 and #6 Size:...
Product SKU:PG40022
Knife Pro # 1 Precision Duty, Carded. Proedge 12001 Features: Lightweight aluminum handle Safety cap included Length: 6″ Includes #11 general purpose blade
Product SKU:PG12001
Clamp Small Plastic {2} Carded
Product SKU:PG12333
Knife Blade # 9 Pro Single Edge, pack of 10 Proedge 40009 Features: For cutting, scraping paint, and sticker removal on windows/glass Blade type: Standard single edge utility blade Fits...
Product SKU:PG40009
Knife Pro # 2 Medium Duty, Carded. Proedge 12002 Features: Lightweight aluminum handle Safety cap included Length: 5″ Includes #24 deburring blade
Product SKU:PG12002
Knife Pro # 2 Medium Duty, Tubed W/ Safety Cap
Product SKU:PG11002
Knife Pro # 3 Pen
Product SKU:PG12003
Knife Blade # 11 Pro Pack of 5 Proedge 40011 Features: For delicate, precision trimming of wood, plastic, paper and leather Blade type: Classic carbon steel fine point angled blade Fits...
Product SKU:PG40011
Saw Blade 1″ Deep 5″ Long, 42 Teeth Per Inch.
Product SKU:PG40450
Knife Blade # 16 Pro Pack of 5 Proedge 40016 Features: For stenciling, etching and scoring wood, plastic, paper and leather Blade Type: Offset scoring Blade Fits handles: #1, #3, #4...
Product SKU:PG40016
Knife Safety Scraper W/ 5 Extra Blades, Carded. All steel construction equipped with retractable, replaceable Pro #9 single edge razor blade. Great for cleaning glass. Uses blade #9.
Product SKU:PG12605
Knife All Purpose Cutter W/ 5 Extra Blades
Product SKU:PG12103
Knife Utility Retractable, Metal W/ 3 Blades, Carded. Proedge 12009 Features: All steel construction Includes #92 utility knife blade Length: 6″
Product SKU:PG12009
Tool Pinvise W/ 4 Chucks
Product SKU:PG58111
4 Piece Tweezer Set
Product SKU:PG53390
Proedge 32820 is a three piece knife set, that includes one each of a #1, #2 and #5 handles, as well as 10 assorted blades. Comes carded or can be...
Product SKU:PG32820
Knife Hammer Set W/ 7 Head, Combo. Carded
Product SKU:PG50500
Knife Blade # 9 Pro Single Edge, pack of 100. Proedge 42509 Features: For cutting, scraping paint and sticker removal on windows and glass Blade type: Single edge utility blade Size:...
Product SKU:PG42509
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