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  • Metal Expansion Wristband and Coil Cord
  • Creates a path-to-ground for an operator with resistance <3.5 X 107 ohms per the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 for Method 1.

  • Magnetic Connection Between Wrist Band and Coil Cord
  • Superior electrical connection to eliminate intermittent failures of traditional snaps; extends the lifespan of the wrist strap. Maintains 1-5 pound release to prevent accidental disconnects and increased safety.

  • Metal Expansion Wristband
  •      – Patented1 Size Adjustment
           Designed to allow the operator to adjust the size (circumference: 5.75″ – 13″) to their wrist.
         – Adjustable Medical Grade Stainless Steel Backplate and Links
           Creates a more reliable path-to-ground2 for the operator.
         – Solid Stainless Steel Machined Snap Stud
           Solid material will provide a consistent 1-5 pound release to prevent accidental disconnects between wristband and cord.

  • Twelve Foot (18 Inches Of Coils) Coil Cord
  •      Strain Relief Tests Over 1 Million Cycles; 62 Times The Minimum Requirement Per ESD S1.1
           Eliminates intermittent failures that occur with less durable cords and extends the lifespan of the wrist strap.
         – Patented3 Spring Supported Contoured Banana Plug
           Designed to prevent wear to banana springs that will leads to accidental disconnects from banana jacks.
         – Right Angle Banana Design
           Extends coil cord life by reducing fatigue at the strain relief of the banana plug and by reducing incidents of being struck by operator, chair and carts that
           damage the banana plug.
         – Low Profile Snap Design
           Prevents cord from being disconnected or getting in the way of operator�s work area.

  • Date Coded
  • Provided so that the lifespan of the product may tracked and to ensure quality control.

  • UL Listed
  • Meets UL requirements to ensure operator safety.

  • Made in the United States of America
  • This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA

    1. Patent Number 5,568,351- Adjustable Antistatic bracelet with snap-assembled permanent
    2. Metal expansion bracelet style wrist cuffs may trap moisture underneath and can be more effective for people with dry skin.” [ESD Handbook TR20.20
        section]3. Patent Number 5,951,337 – Damage-Resistant Electrical Connector Plug and Combination