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  • Metal Expansion Wristband and Coil Cord
  • Creates a path-to-ground for an operator with resistance <3.5x 10E7 ohms per the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 for Method 1.
  • Metal Expansion Wristband
    – Magnetic Connection Between Wrist Band and Coil Cord (U.S. Patent 5,004,425)
      Superior electrical connection to eliminate intermittent failures of traditional
      snaps; extends the lifespan of the wrist strap. Maintains 1-5 pound release to 
      prevent accidental disconnects and increased safety.
    – Patented1 Size Adjustment
      Designed to allow the operator to adjust the size (circumference: 5.75″ – 13″)
      to their wrist.
    – Medical Grade Series Stainless Steel Backplate and Links
      Creates a more reliable path-to-ground2 for the operator.
    – Solid Stainless Steel Machined Snap Stud
      Solid material will provide a consistent 1-5 pound release to prevent accidental
      disconnects between wristband and cord.
  • 12 Foot (18 Inches of Coils) Coil Cord
    – Strain Relief Tests Over 1 Million Cycles; 62 Times The
      Minimum Requirement Per ESD S1.1
      Eliminates intermittent failures that occur with less durable cords and extends
      the lifespan of the wrist strap.
    – Patented3 Banana Plug
      Designed to prevent wear to banana springs that will leads to accidental
      disconnects from banana jacks.
    – Relaxed Retraction Coil Cord
      Soft pull does not tug on the wearer�s arm.
    – Low Profile Snap Design
      Prevents cord from being disconnected or getting in the way of operator�s work
  • Date Coded
    Provided so that the lifespan of the product may tracked and to ensure quality control.
  • UL Listed
    Meets UL requirements to ensure operator safety.
  • Made in the United States of America
    This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA

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    1.    Patent Number 5,586,351 – Adjustable Antistatic bracelet with 
           snap-assembled permanent
    2.    Metal expansion bracelet style wrist cuffs may trap moisture underneath 
           and can be more effective for people with dry skin.” 
           [ESD Handbook TR20.20 section]3.    Patent Number 5,951,337 – Damage-Resistant Electrical Connector Plug 
           and Combination