1130-0012-P1 TIP 1/32in 30deg Chisel

1130-0012-P1 TIP 1/32in 30deg Chisel


Product SKU: 1130-0012-P1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Pace
Estimated to Ship: 1 to 5 Days

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TIP 1/32in 30 degree Chisel (0.80mm).


  • High capacity integrated heater delivers up to 120 Watts of power
  • Quick-change tips fast & easy change-out within 2 seconds, without turning the unit off
  • Superior heat transfer/delivery allows for safer, lower temperatures, reduces risk of PCB damage, improves tip life
  • Inexpensive cartridges


  • Series: TD-200 Blue Series
  • Tip Shape: 30 degree Chisel
  • Tip Size: 1/32″ (0.80mm)
  • For use with: AccuDrive Soldering Stations and TD-200 Soldering Iron