Pace ST1600 Programmable IR Preheater with Built-in PCB Holder


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Manufacturer: Pace

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Pace ST1600 Programmable IR Preheater with Built-in PCB Holder Description

The ST 1600 from PACE is the most powerful and flexible preheating system available on the market today. The system features four 400 watt infrared heaters for a total power output of 1600 Watts. Each of the four heaters can be turned on or off independently and can be set to its own unique temperature, giving the user complete control and flexibility. The ST 1600 fits easily onto any electronics’ workbench. The system comes standard with an integrated PCB holder with a 305 mm x 406 mm (12″ x 16″) capacity.

The ST 1600 is fully programmable and possesses the unique programming features that you expect from PACE, including: password protection, auto-off timer, °C/°F, and “Scan Mode” where the system will display the “set” and “actual” temperatures of the individual heaters. Additionally, the system can be put into a closed loop control mode where the heater activity is controlled by a thermocouple placed on the PCB being worked on.

Pace ST1600 Programmable IR Preheater with Built-in PCB Holder Specification

  • Dimensions: 127mm (5″) H x 381mm (15″) W x 457.2mm (18″) D
  • Weight: 13.15kgs (29lbs)
  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC, (Domestic), 14 Amps (1600W) 230 VAC, (Export), 7 Amps (1600W)
  • Temperature Operating Range: 38°C – 232°C (100°F – 450°F)
  • Control: LED Digital Display & Keypad
  • Pre-Heaters: 4 Ceramic Infra Red (IR) Heaters Each heater is 400 Watts for a total output of 1600 Watts.
  • Max Board Size: 305mm x 406mm (12″ x 16″)
  • Calibration Required: No
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes