PACE 8007-0506 ST 75 W/SX100 115V


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ST 75 W/SX100 115V

A single channel, dial control power supply, the ST 75 is compatible with all IntelliHeat ® handpieces and comes as a system with the new SX-100 or as a Power Source only. The ST 75 improves quality, reduces costs and eliminates the maintenance and calibration hassles associated with other systems. The heavy-duty, durable metal housing ensures years of service and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. The SX-100 Solder Extractor has been improved so that is does not clog! The modular heater has been re-engineered to transfer heat better through the length of new SX-100 Tips. SX-100 Desolder Tips will not clog because the isolated hot solder path is designed to stay well above solder melt temperature, preventing even Lead-Free solder from solidifying.

  • Completely self contained – does not require external compressed air
  • Desoldering, soldering and hot air functionality
  • Includes SX-100 desoldering iron
  • Compatible with 8 IntelliHeat handpieces
  • Dual Purpose Vacuum/Pressure Pump includes patented Snap-Vac technology
  • High Resolution Pressure Control for hot air soldering/heat shrinking capabilities