Pace ST325 Digital Hot Air Reflow System


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Pace ST325 Digital Hot Air Reflow System Description

The ST 325 is a digital, self-contained system that is fully programmable and can be used to remove or install surface mount components when individual or multiple operations are to be run. From the front panel, the system can be used in either manual or “timed” modes. Manual mode means that the system generates heated airflow when the cycle button is pressed; when it is pressed a second time the system shuts off. “Timed” modes allow the operator to create up to 20 “Profiles” that consist of time and temperature parameters to ensure process control and repeatability. The system uses a pump to generate airflow that first passes through a heater, where it is warmed to the appropriate temperature, and then through optionally available heat-focusing nozzles that “shape” the air stream for the specific component. A user-friendly front panel interface with Digital Display allows for easy adjustment of temperature, flow rate and timing and intuitive programming and profile development.

Pace ST325 Digital Hot Air Reflow System Features

  • Multi-level password lock-out prevents unauthorized changes
  • User definable temperature zone
  • Audible countdown timer for end of cycle indication in the Timed and Program modes
  • On-screen display of parameters (temperature, time) during operation
  • Store and recall up to 20 profiles (40 with optional software)
  • Quiet-Flo turbine blower offers nearly silent operation
  • Hi-Flo Vacuum Pump for holding component securely
  • Lo-Flo Vacuum Pump for component wand
  • Over 80 Optional Quick-Fit Nozzles Available
  • Comes with PV-65 Pik-Vac Component Handling Wand

Pace ST325 Digital Hot Air Reflow System Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 197-253 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 575Watts max
  • Temperature Control: Closed loop, digital temperature control
  • Temperature stability: 9°C (° 15 °F) at idle tip temp.
  • Temperature Range: 176°to 482°C (350°to 900°F) nominal
  • Airflow: 5-22 slpm