MCC-RMAPEN RMA Flux Remover Cleaning Pen, 1oz

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The RMA Flux Cleaning Pen is a money-saving, time-saving, RMA flux remover in a pocket-sized cleaning pen that removes all of the toughest, heavy, aged fluxes and burned-on solder pastes that no other cleaner can touch.

Key Features of the RMA Flux Cleaning Pen:
  • Cleans heavy, aged fluxes and solder pastes
  • Removes polar & ionic activators
  • Fast, extra-strength cleaning
  • Cleans & minimizes white residues
  • High purity, dries residue-free
  • Excellent silicone remover

It works great as an economical spot cleaner for PCBs during rework and repair. Removes R, RA, RMA, SA and some no-clean fluxes for both tin/lead solders and high temperature lead-free solders. It removes polar and ionic activators with fast, extra-strength cleaning. It also is an excellent silicone conformal coating remover. This cleaner quickly penetrates and dissolves white residues and dries residue-free. It also removes all types of pastes, inks, finger prints, oxides, oils and grease. Test before use on softer plastics. Flammable. Acetone-like aroma.

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