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Manufacturer: Desco
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  • Dual layer rubber
  • Non-marring interior
    Will not mar shoes
  • Hook and loop fastening system
    Adjustable and comfortable
  • 24″ long nylon polyester grounding tab
    Does not particulate; good body to ground contact
  • RG: 1 x 10E6 < 1 x10E8 ohms per ESD SP9.2 7 ESD TR53
  • Made in the United States of America
    This item is made in
    Rochester, NH and stocked in Canton, MA

Per ESD SP9.2 APPENDIX B – Foot Grounder Usage Guidance Compliance verification should be performed prior to each use (daily, shift change, etc.). The accumulation of insulative materials may increase the foot grounder system resistance. If foot grounders are worn outside the ESD protected area testing for functionality before reentry to the ESD protected area should be considered.Per ANSI/ESD S20.20 Paragraph Personnel Grounding Guidance, ESD protective flooring, used with approved footwear, may be used as an alternative to the wrist strap system for standing operations.ESD Handbook TR 20.20 paragraph 5.2.3 If the contact area between the bottom of the foot and the floor is not continuous, charge generation may occur especially when a person is walking. Heel straps must be worn on both feet to minimize the amount of time that the body of the person is isolated from ground while walking.