FLUX Bottle 2oz ESD Safe 26g Small .009id Needle


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Manufacturer: R & R Lotion
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FLUX Bottle 2oz ESD Safe 26g Small .009id Needle. R&R Lotion I.C. antistatic dissipative ESD safe flux and solvent dispenser bottle with needle. Clean room blue static dissipative bottles have an average surface resistivity of 10 raise to power 9 to 10 raise to power 10. This blue bottle will dissipate a charge of +/- 5000 volts in less than 2 seconds at 40 percent relative humidity. By their chemical nature, they will not have any chemical reactivity with solvents such as TCE or alcohol. The pH of the deionized water solutions tested was the same before and after a 7-day period. No color change or any other physical change noted for any solvents tested. Helps to meet ANSI/ESDA S20.20. 2-ounces capacity.