Excelta Vacuum Systems Standard Performance


Product SKU: 4000-ST
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Excelta
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Excelta Vacuum Systems Standard Performance

The 4000-ST general purpose vacuum system produces vacuum of up to ten inches of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. It comes complete with pen holder and 9 tips: PVS-CB-12,PVS-CB-14,PVS-CB-18/PVS-CB-38/PVB-CB-332,PVB-CB-316,PVB-CB-14,PVB-CB-18,PVB-CB-38.

  • Product Type: Electric (Roto-Pic)
  • Application: Kit includes pump, hose, handpiece, PVS-CB-12, PVS-CB-14, PVS-CB-18, PVS-CB-38, PVB-CB-332, PVB-CB-316,PVB-CB-14, PVB-CB-18, PVB-CB-38
  • Precision Level: 4 Star
  • Surface Resistivity:
  • Shape: n/a
  • Trade Name: None
  • Material: n/a
  • Tip Size (CTM):
  • Body Width: 3″(76mm)
  • Body Height: n/a
  • Tip Angle:
  • Type of Cut: n/a
  • Max Cut Capacity (IN): n/a
  • Max Cut Capacity (MM):
  • Max Cut Capacity (AWG):
  • OAL: 7.25″ x 2.5″ x 3″
  • Net Weight (Ounces): 1.7 LBS
  • Prop 65: Yes