DESCO Mini Monitor (19341)

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DESCO Mini Monitor (19341)

DESCO’s ESD mini monitor features an illuminated enclosure that enhances safety and efficiency in the workplace by using a color-coded system to show grounding status: green indicates a secure ground connection for both the operator and the work surface, red signals a grounding failure, and blue shows when the operator port is unoccupied. This high visibility is crucial, especially because operators wearing headphones may not hear the audible alarms. The Mini Monitor’s quick response time of less than 50 milliseconds ensures operators are immediately aware if the wrist strap or work surface loses its ground connection, making sure continuity is maintained. Additionally, the ParkSnap™ feature allows operators to disconnect and park the wristband without triggering false alarms, providing a smooth process for equipment changes. The monitor also utilizes Wave Distortion Technology, which applies a continuous low-voltage signal to detect discontinuities in the circuit, making sure operations are maintained with minimal false alarms and enhancing overall workplace safety.

DESCO Mini Monitor (19341) Features

  • High Visibility
  • ParkSnap™
  • Quick Response Time
  • Wave Distortion Technology

DESCO 19341 Mini Monitor changing colors to represent change of status easily

Feature: High Visibility: The ESD continuous monitor’s illuminated enclosure makes the status of the operator and worksurface highly visible to the operator and supervisor. Green indicates that the operator and worksurface are grounded, red indicates a grounding failure, and blue indicates when the operator port is vacant. High visibility helps operator awareness especially when wearing headphones and the audible alarm cannot be heard.

Feature: Quick Response Time: With an alarm response time less than 50 milliseconds, the Mini Monitor quickly notifies the operator should the wrist strap or worksurface lose its path-to-ground. This allows the monitor to catch the moment when wrist cords degrade and lose continuity.

Feature: ParkSnap™: The ParkSnap™ allows the operator to disconnect and park a wristband when leaving the workstation without creating a false alarm. Touch the ParkSnap™ or park delay switch, and the monitor’s audible alarm will disable for approximately 8 seconds. Use this time to disconnect the wrist cord from the wristband, and attach it to the ParkSnap™ or remove the banana plug from the jack. Upon returning to the workstation and disconnecting the wrist cord from the ParkSnap™, the operator has approximately 8 seconds to reconnect the wrist cord to a worn wristband before activating the alarm.

Feature: Wave Distortion Technology: “Wave Distortion” or vector impedance works by applying a continuous test voltage of 1.2 volts peak-to-peak at 1 to 2 microamperes (0.000002 amperes) to the wrist strap that is connected to the continuous or constant monitor. The test voltage creates a square wave that the monitor circuit compares to established patterns. By monitoring the “distortions”, or shape of the square wave, Wave Distortion Technology determines if the monitored circuit is complete – the operator is in the circuit and the total equivalent DC resistance is within specifications. Wave Distortion Technology produces a very fast alarm time and minimal false alarms.

DESCO 19341 Mini Monitor ParkSnap technology on display