Chemtronics CW2500 Epoxy Overcoat Adhv Syringe, 2 Part Coating


Product SKU: CW2500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Chemtronics

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This epoxy system provides a tough, thermally stable, protective coating making it ideal for pre-reflow solder resist repair. Electrically insulative coating helps prevent electrical discharge. This overcoat provides thermal and chemical resistance and protection against moisture and abrasion. Protects circuits from shorting and arcing while protecting the surface against abrasion and moisture. Excellent dielectric properties help prevent electrical discharge. Cure time of 24 hours at 77 degrees F(25 degrees C) or 10 minutes at 212 degrees F(100 degrees C). Service temperature from -55 degrees F (-48 degrees C) to 600 (315 degrees C). Ideal for repairing permanent solder mask before reflow applications. In two 6g (0.42 oz.) tubes.