MCC-ESD Chem Trigger Grip Solvent


Product SKU: MCC-ESD
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Microcare
Estimated to Ship: 1 to 5 Days

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Enhanced Cleaning Performance delivering better cleaning because each TriggerGrip combines the mechanical scrubbing action of a brush with a fresh, pure solvent. Saves money by reducing solvent consumption an average of 50% or more. The aerosol cans guaranteed to empty completely, eliminating waste. Speeds cleaning, improving throughput and allows the operator to easily rinse after cleaning which is a critical step in board cleaning which is often missed.

  • Cuts cleaning costs
  • Patented design reduces cleaning fluid use by 66%
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Improves the safety of the work environment
  • Durable and reusable, fits most MicroCare aerosols
  • Enhances a company’s ESD control program