Product SKU: PES51
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Weller
Estimated to Ship: 1 to 5 Days

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The Weller PES51 is a 50w/24v soldering pencil designed to be used with the Weller WES51 and WESD51 soldering stations. The slimness of this pencil makes it comfortable and reduces operator fatigue. Pencil is fitted with non-burnable silicone rubber cord for added safety. Temperature range from 350 degrees F to 850 degrees F. This tool features a nichrome wound, stainless steel heating element construction. The handle design is lightweight, high impact ESD plastic, with controlled thermal conductivity via a foam sleeve to allow continuous use without discomfort from heat or fatigue. The heating element is a fast response, long life, Nichrome wound, unit encased in stainless to eliminate corrosion at high temperature. The Weller PES51 tools are interchangeable without the need to make any adjustments to the station “Offset” function. This is made possible by the use of a precision temperature sensor; which is positioned deep inside the tip to insure rapid response to soldering load variations. Specifically designed for use at electrostatic free workstations and is completely free from stored static charges. The plastic used in this product meets the requirements for Electrostatic Protective Materials. The cord length is 4ft.