3M 8902 2 mil Blue Polyester Tape 0.25 in diameter (2000/roll)


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Manufacturer: 3M
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3M 8902 2 mil Blue Polyester Tape 0.25 in diameter (2000/roll)

3M 8902 Polyester Tape is a strong, tear resistant polyester film with silicone Adhesive used for applications requiring high temperatures protection or Adhesion to silicone treated surfaces. Withstands up to 400ºF baking cycles with residue free removal, use for general-purpose masking in powder coating applications. Ideal for splicing silicone treated webs, tabbing and roll closing silicone treated liners or silicone-coated materials. High tensile strength, removes cleanly in one piece without slivering or tearing, works well as a flash breaker in metal bonding processes where the excess epoxy (flash) flows on to the tape. Highly used in the composite bonding process, 3M 8902 sticks well to molds treated with release agent, works as a flash breaker tape for removal of a part from a mold, seals vacuum bags, and securely hold parts and components. Resists shrinking, curling and edge lifting; use in the fabrication industry to provide a good barrier of separation between dissimilar metals to prevent corrosion. Works well for holding silicone or silicone treated parts.

  • 3.4 mil thick; 2-mil blue polyester film backing with silicone adhesive
  • Thicker version of 3M 8901, providing more durability and longer wear
  • Polyester film offers excellent thermal, abrasion and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility
  • Works in demanding conditions and high temperatures ranging from -60°F to 400°F
  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal from a variety of surfaces
  • Strong polyester backing is tear resistant
  • Silicone adhesive bonds to a variety of difficult surfaces
  • Translucent blue backing provides easy identification and positioning
  • Silicone adhesive offers high heat resistance reducing failure due to softening, oozing or adhesive transfer
  • Color: Blue
  • Thickness: 3.5 mils
  • Material/Backing: Polyester Film
  • Adhesive Type: Silicone
  • Liner: Clear film liner
  • Tensile Strength: 46 lbs/in
  • Adhesive Strength: 37 oz/in
  • Temperature Performance: 400 °F