3M 4952 White VHB Tape 3.75 in x 5yd (1 roll)


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3M 4952 White VHB Tape 3.75 in x 5yd (1 roll)

3M 4952 is designed for bonding many hard to stick low surface energy plastics and powder coated paints; meets a wide range of holding requirements for tough interior and exterior applications. Use to seal plastic windows to pre-painted control panels and switch gear in the manufacturing industry. Bond powder painted metal stiffeners to office desks and file cabinets. Attach nameplates and logos to polyethylene, polypropylene and painted metal surfaces.

  • 45 mil thick; white, firm, closed-cell acrylic foam with a low surface energy adhesive on both sides
  • Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability
  • Can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners
  • Bonds to lower surface energy substrates, including many plastics and powder coat paints
  • Firm acrylic foam provides high foam strength
  • Virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth
  • Eliminates drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and associated clean-up
  • Creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and other environmental elements
  • Allows the use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 0.045 in
  • Material/Backing: Firm Foam
  • Adhesive Type: Low Surface Energy
  • Liner: DK Paper
  • Tensile Strength: 80 lbs/in²
  • Adhesive Strength: 25 lbs/in
  • Temperature Performance: 200 °F